Skylandia - Whitelist
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Imagine a play-to-earn MMORPG that:

  • Doesn’t allow players to pay to win

  • Offers deep, competitive gameplay

  • Revolves around the social interaction between players and guilds

Every single item in Skylandia is an NFT that can be traded for crypto in-game!

Skylandia stands for mass adoption and free-to-play!

Skylandia believes in rewarding the players who make it an enjoyable experience for everyone!

Skylandians are the first type of NFTs to issue from this project, giving players a chance to get involved in Skylandia from the get-go.

Back in 2016, we saw an explosion of new altcoins in the crypto world, most of which disappeared almost as soon as their hype cycle wound down. What we learned during those heady days is that valuable projects survive, and give incredible returns to boot. At some point, ETH could be had for as little as $1, but an investment of $1000 back then would have made you a millionaire today. And you could have just as easily blown a fortune on some forgotten shitcoin and had nothing to show for it but a bad case of buyer’s remorse. 

The interesting question to ask here is: what was the main difference between the surviving projects and the has-beens that made some people millionaires and many more penniless?

The answer is utility.

We’re already seeing the same pattern with NFT projects. History and experience tell us that the NFTs with real utility will be the ones that make their owners wealthier rather than poorer. We designed Skylandians with this lesson in mind. 

A Skylandian is not just a random jpeg that you hold onto only as long as it takes you to flip it. It’s a real asset with real utility. Namely, it identifies you as a member of the Skylandian community, which comes with numerous gameplay and trading privileges. Some of these include:

  1. Airdrops and in-game advantages

Skylandia plans to reward its community very often. To start with, Skylandian owners will receive an airdrop of one alpha key and one beta key.

As early bird supporters, Skylandian owners will have access to the game two days ahead of everyone else. In a competitive MMORPG, time is power, so this will give them a significant edge. 

Our tireless artists are always working on new pieces, some of which will be minted and distributed to the community as thanks for their support.

Finally, and most importantly, a number of Gen-0 NFTs will be offered to some community members. To learn why this is the most valuable bonus, click here.

We have some more goodies lined up, but we’ll be talking about those later because we like surprises. (If you’re really impatient, you might be able to figure out a couple of them by reading our white paper.)

  1. Voting in polls

We’ll constantly be listening to what our community members have to say about their experience in Skylandia. Not only that, but Skylandian owners will be able to vote in polls on some of our decisions. Together we’ll create the best game that we can possibly produce!

  1. Advantages in future Skylandia games

Skylandia the MMORPG is just the first game in the Skylandia saga. There are many more games in the same setting on the horizon. Skylandians will give you rare and never-reissued skins that will be usable in all our games!

  1. Staking

As soon as the token is created, Skyanlandians can be staked to get a token reward.

  1. Access to our token presale

Skylandian owners will be able to participate in our early, private sale. They will be able to buy our token at a discounted price before it comes available to the public.

  1. Access to our NFT sale

As community members, Skylandian owners will be able to buy all of our in-game NFTs, including:

  • Equipment

  • Tools

  • Mounts and saddles

  • Guild items

  • Land

  • War beasts

  • Siege weapons

To learn more about these NFTs and how they figure in the gameplay mechanics and economy, you can read our white paper and gameplay paper.

  1. Access to our private Discord channel

Skylandian owners have access to our private Discord channel, where they’ll get more chances at airdrops that are available to regular users. They will also automatically get the Legendary role in our Discord!

Discord roles will play a key part in our future giveaways and whitelist nominations. Once you get a legendary, epic or rare role, you ll have automatic access to the different whitelists and alpha / beta, and access to exclusive giveaways and airdrops. In addition, you ll also have more chances to win prizes in non-exclusive giveaways!

Discord roles will determine how many airdrop and giveaway raffle entries each user gets:

  • Legendary: 15 entries
  • Epic: 9 entries
  • Rare: 5 entries
  • Early Bird: 2 entries
  • Regular member: 1 entry

While we don’t have fixed dates for any of the following events, they’re presented chronologically. Our initial target (to be confirmed) is to have all of the below during Q2 2022. The first 1,000 Discord users will get the Early Bird Discord role.

Activation 1:

  • Every Wednesday and Saturday on Discord we’ll give away 15 BUSD
  • We’ll also have quizzes and duck races on Discord, the prize for which will be 1 Epic Discord role/1 Rare Discord role
  • Sometime in April we’ll have a big giveaway of 10 Rare roles
  • There will also be an invite award worth 1 Legendary Discord role/2 Epic Discord roles/3 Rare Discord roles
  • We’ll hold a big Gleam giveaway of 5 Legendary Discord roles/45 Epic Discord roles
  • We’ll cap off April with a big secret reveal.

Activation 2:

  • Every Wednesday and Saturday on Discord we’ll give away 15 BUSD
  • Quizzes and duck races will be worth 5 Rare Discord roles
  • Another invite award worth 1 Legendary Discord role/2 Epic Discord roles/3 Rare Discord Roles
  • Our first giveaway of NFT art – 20 pieces will find their way to lucky users
  • Another big Discord giveaway of 20 Rare roles
  • An airdrop of BNB/SOL/NFT/art on Discord
  • We’ll reveal another big secret about the game.
  • Our second Gleam airdrop will include 2 Legendary roles/18 Epic roles/30 Rare roles

  • Activation 3:

  • A giveaway of 30 NFT artworks
  • We’ll be holding a pet photo contest for a chance to win 1 Epic role/2 Rare roles
  • The quiz will be worth 10 Rare roles plus 2 whitelistings
  • A secret event (stay tuned) will have 1 Skylandian airdrop
  • 50 more Skylandians will be whitelisted
  • The duck race will be worth 10 Rare roles plus 2 whitelistings
  • The last big giveaway on Discord will reward users with 1 Epic role + 29 Rare roles
  • Finally, 500 users will be whitelisted for a chance to buy Gen-0 items